Chilly Cherry

Case Overview

Powerskate  is a B2C shop – eshop in Piraeus. The shop offers all kind of skating equipment.


Our team took over the management of Social Media Accounts and Google Ads Account for the brand. We focused on the needs of the specific business and developed a Strategic plan to increase the awareness and the conversions of the brand.

Chilly Cherry Portfolio image for Powerskate


We developed a Strategic plan to increase conversions and engagement.

We Post on a regular basis in order to increase the engagement and the followers. We create unique content to interact with potential customers. As a result, during a period of 6 months the number of Instagram followers has doubled and the engagement got 70% higher.

We also focused on Social Media and Google ads. Our campaigns target audience is based on special characteristics, demographics and keywords. We noticed a significant conversions increase with lower cost per result.

Our target is to make the brand the leader in the field of skating equipment.