Chilly Cherry

Case Overview

Rapsto is a B2B and B2C shop – eshop in Piraeus. The shop offers custom made and personalized gifts.


We took over the management of their Social Media Accounts during a difficult time due to the COVID 19 breakout. Until then the business did not have a Social Media plan and the accounts were in a primary stage.

Rapsto portfolio
Rapsto Portfolio image


Our team focused on the needs of the specific business and developed a Strategic plan to increase the awareness and the conversions of the brand.

We Post on a regular basis in order to increase the engagement and the followers. We create unique content to interact with potential customers. As a result the engagement was 95% higher.

We also focused on Social Media ads. Our campaigns target audience is based on special characteristics and demographics. We noticed an increase of conversion by 91% with lower cost per result.